TV Presentation

Alec can help you improve your TV presentation skills, whether a beginner or an experienced presenter. By recording and playback, we can explore where your needs lie, and discover how best to improve on your performance. You can acquire techniques of good radio and television presentation with practice and coaching.

What skills can be improved?



Being on camera


News and Current Affairs presentation

Corporate video presentation

Voice-over delivery

Package presentation

Pieces to camera

Some general tips and advice

Take a lot of interest in your appearance and wardrobe.


Practice putting your material over using gesture. Some gestures help get the information across. Watch pieces to camera (PTCs). Notice what the size of camera-frame allows. Be careful about bringing your hands into close contact with your face – not usually a good idea. Television allows for fewer nuances than radio, and so some think it a more superficial medium. The script needs to be simple and direct – subtleties are sometimes lost.


Get your audience’s attention from the start. You can hang a PTC on a flourishing turn of phrase. Energise on camera. Think about your on-screen persona. One presenter describes himself as having ‘a beam of low-key goodwill’; as being ‘seraphic, equable and affable’.


Rehearse your script out loud to see how it sounds. Think about taking the viewers through your text at a pace, and with a logical structure they are going to understand.

You're On!

Alec’s latest book ‘You’re On!’ is available to buy using the link below. The book provides exercises to improve vocal quality and breathing, tips on controlling nerves, and an insight into how broadcast audio and video technology can work for you. There is expert guidance and further exercises on everything from ad-libbing and podcasting to reading a script and interviewing.