Radio Presentation

Alec can help you become a confident and assured radio and podcast performer, or improve your skills. Alec regularly trains journalists and others at the BBC, both in English and other languages, to become effective radio communicators. Alec trains news readers, news and current affairs and feature presenters and interviewers, reporters, correspondents, announcers, music presenters and DJs. Alec uses tried and tested techniques.

What radio and related skills can I learn?

News reading
Reading the script – getting it off the page
Programme Presenting
Live Broadcasting
Talking to time
Music Presenting
Station and Programme Style
Being interviewed
Problems – eg Nerves
Portable equipment
Making packages

How do you engage an audience on the radio?

You engage an audience whether on radio or via podcast with your material. You want them to focus on what you are telling them. And you need to speak to them as individuals rather than as a group, however many of them there are out there.

How do you find your own style – your own on-air identity?

The simple answer is through the audience. You are having a relationship with the audience and in their company you will find your identity.

How to Lift a Script Off the Page

There are several techniques to make you sound like you’re telling it rather than reading it. Using varied and intelligent intonation and key-word highlighting are two important techniques. Find out more in the video tutorials and ‘You’re On!’ where there are tips and exercises.


Asking the right questions means doing your prep. Find out how to get the best out of your interviewee with tips in ‘You’re On!’


Often the best ad-libs are the best-prepared ones. Music presenting, continuity announcing, filling to time and dealing with the unexpected are all dealt with in ‘You’re On!’

You're On!

Alec’s latest book ‘You’re On!’ is available to buy using the link below. The book provides exercises to improve vocal quality and breathing, tips on controlling nerves, and an insight into how broadcast audio and video technology can work for you. There is expert guidance and further exercises on everything from ad-libbing and podcasting to reading a script and interviewing.