Presentation Training

Alec is a presentation trainer with extensive experience in the media. He has designed specific courses and training for professionals who need to present to colleagues, customers and the public. The media and venue vary so the training is usually customised: TV, radio, press conferences, lecture hall, conference venues, smaller office and seminar environments (with or without aids such as PowerPoint). There are some basic skills that are essential to planning and delivering effective presentations through practice, coaching and feedback.

What can Alec Do for You?

Do you need to address a group of people – colleagues, superiors, clients, the general public? It may be a presentation, a seminar, a meeting. You may have to make a speech to 5 or 500 people. Are you afraid of feeling self-conscious, embarrassed, inadequate, not really being able to give of your best? Perhaps your boss should be doing this but s/he’s asked you. Perhaps you don’t have all the information you need. Maybe the last time you did this it went badly.


It’s not difficult to become a confident, assured and entertaining speaker. You don’t have to become or try to be someone else. In fact that would probably not work for you. You have to find the right ‘you’; the ‘you’ that can stand up in front of a group of people and in a relaxed and confident manner express what you need to – no more no less. You may surprise and even enjoy yourself.

What are the Qualities you Associate with a Good Speech or Presentation?

Articulate, confident, informed, authoritative, natural, credible, lively, amusing, relaxed, friendly and accessible. You can be all of these. There are simple techniques, which anyone can practice, to help you to make effective presentations.

Who is this Training for?

Anyone who feels the need to express themselves more effectively, whether as a public speaker, a team leader, a manager, a trainer. Anyone who has to address a group.

What Form does the Training take?

Alec customises his training to a trainee’s needs. He can provide exercises, which promote relaxation, good breathing, vocal warmth, body language, posture and projection of personality, fluency, voice pitch and authority. You can do practical work on openings and introductions and closings. Also useful work with aids such PowerPoint, acetates, video, slides, and black and white board.


You can practice your presentation in front of someone who will give you balanced feedback that will build your confidence at the same time as offering practical tips on how to improve it. Alec has a lot of experience training people one to one, and finds that as confidence builds trainees often surprise themselves when they find they can express themselves in a way that they have never done before.


In groups other trainees become your audience and you theirs. This helps to build trust and enhance engagement and communication skills. Many trainees find it useful to be video-ed doing their presentations to identify their strengths and weaknesses, so that improvements can be made. However Alec will only use this tool for effective training, so that your confidence is not undermined. It can be especially useful in one to one training.

Using Aids and Equipment

PowerPoint Presentations can be very dull both to deliver and to receive. How do you pep them up so that your audience sit up, take notice and even want more? Other visual aids can help but also if used unwisely hinder your presentation objectives. We can look at the best techniques of using aids and equipment so that they enhance your presentations.

What if English is not your First Language?

That’s Ok. Alec has trained people to present in their own language. Clients have come from all over the world including Central Asia, Iran, the Arab World, South America, Africa, Eastern and Western Europe, the Far East. Learners of English who need to express themselves better in English find Alec’s techniques very useful. People who do not normally work in English can find a way to express themselves more effectively and impress an English-speaking audience with what they have to offer.

You're On!

Alec’s latest book ‘You’re On!’ is available to buy using the link below. The book provides exercises to improve vocal quality and breathing, tips on controlling nerves, and an insight into how broadcast audio and video technology can work for you. There is expert guidance and further exercises on everything from ad-libbing and podcasting to reading a script and interviewing.