Media Training

Being interviewed can be an unnerving experience especially for those who are new to it. There is often a misconception that the interviewee will be able to control the interview and how it subsequently appears, when that is rarely the reality. Alec is here to help with media training.

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If the interviewer is experienced and good at their job they will make you feel you are in control, relaxed and that all of what you have to say is equally important and interesting. However you may be disappointed if that is not what you feel when you see the playback. You may feel misrepresented even if the interview was live and unedited.

With media training Alec can help you practice getting the best out of a media interview.

Here are some techniques for getting the best out of being a guest on the media

Prior to interview you should ascertain certain essentials: is it recorded or live? Who is the target audience? How will the interview be used?


The end product could be a clip in a package, a longer factual, expert or feature interview, a discussion or a documentary each with its own very different form


Ask yourself why you are being interviewed, and what the interviewer wants, to get the best out if it


Define your message using key points and anecdotes.


Deal with challenging questions evenly, referring to your key points.

Find out the scope of the interview.


Focus on the subject matter to deal with nerves. Check your appearance for TV. Help create visual aids to put your message across. Media training can help you practice getting the best out of a media interview.


The interviewer may press you and repeat questions. Equally you can stop and go again if it is recorded. Remember if live you have more control.

You're On!

Alec’s latest book ‘You’re On!’ is available to buy using the link below. The book provides exercises to improve vocal quality and breathing, tips on controlling nerves, and an insight into how broadcast audio and video technology can work for you. There is expert guidance and further exercises on everything from ad-libbing and podcasting to reading a script and interviewing.